Everything You Thought You Knew About Women Is Wrong - The Story Of A Man Living With Two Normal, Sexually Charged, RoommatesI got this in the mail from a reader and had to repost it. I’ve posited before that the reason we cheat is because we’re failing to realize our true desires and needs. Sexually, emotionally, mentally, etc.

The truth is that in today’s culture where women no longer have to remain buttoned up and are encouraged to be sexual, we still seem to hold true to our fear of a sexual woman. We call them Bitches when they don’t sleep with us, and Sluts when they do.

If you’re curious what “Anti Slut Defense” means, it’s a term used in the pickup community (where it sounds like this story originated from) to describe the tactics a woman will employ to prevent the man from thinking of her as a slut. For example, women will often say little things or drop hints in order to give them Plausible Deniability. As long as they can deny that they intended to do something (It just happened!), they are not Sluts. Great example of the need to think emotionally when dealing with women and less logically. What may come out of a woman’s mouth, won’t always mesh with what her body language is saying. It’s always wise to read between the lines.

With that said, here’s the story. I think I found the last line the funniest!

Week 1:

Alright. I have decided to live with 2 female roommates this year at school to help me understand women a bit better and have some fun while I am at it. As crazy and suicidal as this may sound, I am definitely down for it and look to learn a lot from this experience! A little history first..

As I grew up with my mom and she was the one who taught me about girls. READ: BAD ADVICE. As I have mentioned I have decided to live with these girls for one year and plan to post weekly on my discoveries. I am 21 and they are both 26. They are both graduate students and very professional. Without further ado, let the week 1 revelations begin!

Both of these girls are absolute hornballs. I had no idea girls were like this. Girl #1 constantly talks about sex. Sex starved is the only word I can use to describe her. She wants to go out and bring a guy home from the bars but her “Anti Slut Defense” kicks in and I think she has too much pride. She has talked to me about masturbating and using sex toys several times already. I have ran game on her, although I have made a commitment to not sleep with either roommate.

Roommate #2 is a dirty little tramp as well. She is hurting for a squirting as well. I have heard before that girls are just as horny as guys but never witnessed it before. It is truly shocking and has already made me look at girls differently. Men and women are not as different as one might think. I go to the bars with both of these girls and they honestly go HOPING to be seduced. They don’t act it, but they want to meet a guy to seduce them. I would never guess it if I did not know these girls. Makes me wonder how many other girls are like this.

Both girls are VERY self conscious about there appearance even though they are both attractive women. I am surprised once again. They spend inordinate amounts of time selecting outfits to wear to the bar. If they would just swallow there pride and go to the bar and act like they want sex as bad as they do, they would be laid in 2 minutes.

Both girls have a network of attractive female friends which I am in the process of gaming. I have established myself as alpha male early on, and they have no problem with me getting with there friends. Biggest problem so far is the age gap with me being younger, although I feel this is more of a mental thing I have created. No problems yet with their male friends, most are all chumps who are nice guys but the girls have no sexual interest in them.

Once again must reiterate that these girls are totally sex starved. They go to the bars and act like every other girl and dance and have fun, but pray they will find some alpha guy to bring home and f*ck. Only witnessed a few guys approach them so far. Nothing noteworthy, one gave her number out to a guy, never answered his calls or called back. He was stupid and left instantly after number closing.

Girl #1 was also on her period this week and was definitely additionally horny because of it.

First week summary has just mainly been that I am blown away by how sexual these girls are and how ass backwards there methods of trying to get laid are. They are trying to get laid while not trying to get laid. Its so f*cking silly lol.

Week 2:

First off, you may remember me talking about a chump who approached Slutty girl #1 at a bar and got her number because she was drunk… Well I have underestimated once again the crazy and slutty minds of girls. Lets start from the beginning of the week.. He called on day2 and left a message which both of my roommates laughed about and talked about his desperation and how she could do so much better. I thought it was curtains for him. I was wrong.

Something strange happened. After calling once, he didn’t call again. And every day without him calling her, her opinion of him swayed ever so slightly. By about day 3 she was talking about how “maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.” On day 4 he was suddenly cute. On day 5 my roommate wanted to f*ck him. I was baffled. I was literally f*cking baffled. Like most of you, I have never had an inside look on the workings of a phone number exchange. Well late on day 5, she finally called him and told him she wanted to see him again. So they set up a date for Thursday.

My roommate completely plans 100% to have sex with him. All he has to do is NOT SCREW UP! This absolutely blows my mind, as I am sure he has no clue that she constantly talks about wanting to hook up with him and wondering how big his dick is etc. It makes me wonder how many times I have been in a similar situation and completely unaware, and ended up blowing it.

Girls have there minds made up way before you think they do. This just reinforces your small window to make something happen, after that, JUST DON’T MESS UP! Girls want sex, they don’t want to feel slutty about it though. Don’t believe it if you want, but every single girl at that bar wants sex. Girls just need different things than guys to get them interested in sex.

They both take nasty shits though… that will take some getting used to…

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Comment by fcukbear
2007-08-22 21:06:22

Hahaha, that last line makes the whole article!

I have a sister.. I know ALL about that.

Comment by Ugg
2007-08-22 21:12:03

I remember when I was a pre-teen and had a crush on my friend’s sister, I saw a pair of her panties on the floor when I used their bathroom once.

What was initially excitement turned into confusion when I realized there was a huge brown streak on em.

Changed my life forever… Women.. poop.. too?

Comment by S.G.
2007-08-22 21:07:16

I have a female roommate and while she doesn’t confide in me (and I’m fine with it trust me!) when her girls come over it’s like a ho train.

Comment by SamIAm
2007-08-22 21:08:25

My last stalker girlfriend came from a hookup like that. I got her number, called her, got busy, and a week later she wouldn’t stop texting me..

At first I thought it was a joke but she had daddy issues!

Comment by Jess
2007-08-22 21:09:13

I honestly wish more guys would see that girls like to have fun too. It sucks tho becuz if we want sex or say we want sex, we’re sluts. =/

Comment by NinjaLikeTeabagger
2009-01-07 19:31:18

Just like we appeal to your emotion…

you need to appeal to our logic.

Just go up to the guy and that you wanna fuck and say: “Listen, I’m not a slut. But, I wanna fuck the shit out of you.”

See what happens. You fuckin women have no idea how easy you have it.

Comment by Baghdad
2007-08-23 09:33:13

This is a 100% correct.. the matter in fact, just last night I had to stay up till 2 AM talking to this girl who used to be a friend and now we kinda hooked up…We had sex like 4 times only, before I went to bed I was joking with her about the weekend and chicks and she starts crying and asking for exclusivity and that she felt stupid that she’d already slept with me…..

all I had to do was to talk about how much I respected her and how much I don’t ever want to hear her talk bad about her self.
Never made the committment and had an awesome head this morning.
She left with a smile on her face.

Comment by Michael
2007-08-23 10:46:30

We do ourselves a disservice by buying into the “slut” mentality. Women should not have to make excuses to have sex when they want it. If men can do it, why shouldn’t they? It’s derived from the prudism that Americans continually justify.

It’s in our best interests to drop these socially-enforced hangups we have about sex. Women are just as human as men, and shouldn’t have to play games in order to get what they want. I have far more respect for a woman who is upfront and honest about it than those who play games. Similarly, I have zero respect for men who belittle women for it.

Comment by FredtheJerk
2007-09-26 05:12:11

It works for women’s disadvantage to be the way they are. I remember I used to be the nice guy, and never had a date, and never hooked up. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20, and by then I had a lot of bitter resentment towards women. When I “figured out” how to play a role to pick up chicks, I was disgusted. “Being myself” never worked, but playing a specific role had the chicks chasing after me. Now I get a thrill out of sleeping with as many chicks as I can and telling a chick “I can’t hang out with you this weekend, I have another date.” and hearing the tears start rolling. Revenge is a dish best served WET AND TIGHT.

Comment by curious
2009-06-25 21:09:05

explain to me how can I change too, and what needs to be done in order to make it happen

Comment by Dan
2009-12-25 20:03:48

Congratulation on getting revenge on people who had nothing to do with those who rejected you…what was that stereotype about men and logic again?
Well, I’m sorry, but if you keep going down this road you’ll miss out on the greatest things of life..

Comment by Seattle Willy
2007-10-18 13:11:47

It does suck that women feel like they must be “sluts” if they have sex with men. I know women like to have sex. The primary reason for Anti-Slut Defense (ASD) is due to social evolution and the cultural bias that permeates our society.

What I teach men is that it is their personal job to “liberate” women from the bondage called “slut”. You have to let them know that you are not a threat to their reputation. You have to show them that you understand that they want many of the same things men want. The problem is that women have the most to lose in sleeping with men: the “Slut” label and the risk of pregnency.

Women who are liberated are some of the happiest people you will ever encounter.

2007-11-14 11:13:23

[…] it’s been shown that women are just as sexual as men and women get turned on just as easy as men, the factors that stimulate each sex are less similar. […]

2007-11-28 13:55:39

[…] money and split housing costs, it can be hell. You may learn something about yourself, you may even gain a special insight into the lives of the opposite sex, but eventually, you’ll swear to never do it […]

Comment by Mike
2008-03-29 14:04:31

I have a lot of friends who don’t judge women on their sexual behavior. Come to think of it, I don’t think I know anyone that does. I think girls should also learn to drop that whole slutty thing as well. Seeing as women use this card against eachother too. Trust me there is so much hypocrisy between women it’s crazy. The girl that judges the most is usually the most sexual.

I see this in my group of female friends all of the time. The one with the most conservative views is also the one that fu cks the most. She criticizes other girls for being sexual as if to make herself feel better for her own adventures. It’s nuts. Obviously the other girls don’t want to seem like hoes so they allow her criticism to get to them.

Comment by NightWishFan
2008-11-23 13:32:30

It’s not just being thought of a slut when women have sex….I hate it when other guys start thinking that you will do anything that walks (thinking that they have a chance with you too). You can still be selective when it comes to having sex, but I feel that some guys don’t realize that. I have guys tell me that if a woman jumps too quickly into sex or is too open about sex, they start thinking that she must have been around the block.

On top of that, this can screw up our chances of finding a suitable mate in the long-run. In a perfect world, men wouldn’t give a shit about your sexual past, BUT THEY DO and that’s enough to scare them from seriously dating you…..no matter how great you are. Even the ones who say that they respect you and don’t care about your sexual past are the cunning ones bad-mouthing you behind your back. Guys don’t want to think about every penis that has been inside you before them.

This article says it all, when the guy is calling his roommates names. Any idiot will tell you during a one-night stand, “I won’t tell anybody and I still respect you.” Uh well he’s obviously not going to say “I’m going to badmouth you to my friends and I would never date or marry you” That obviously would scare you from having sex with him.

Comment by Kristina
2009-08-15 12:20:46

Can you please learn how to spell? “There” is not the same as “their” (nor the same as they’re”).

Comment by RJ
2012-06-03 02:28:08

I dunno…I don’t think most guys negatively judge women who want/like/want a lot of sex. I always thought it was the exact opposite. I think, as one of my friends also recently said on this topic, that usually men will call women sluts essentially for the same reason women do — jealousy! Jealousy and insecurity. Just look at the circumstances, when a woman does it it’s because let’s say for instance, someone she knows is smoking hot is getting laid. And there’s the perception she didn’t have to try, so if she’s getting so much action she must just go for every dude that throws himself at her. the slut!
Now say from a man’s perspective, this same girl. the one that seems to have rubber-stamped herself in your mind as the quintessential defintion of sexy. He’s jealous of whoeever the guy is that got her, when he couldn’t (or maybe just didn’t and deep down is beating himself up for it.) So he’s just all “that guy’s a total jerk”, which evolves into “you don’t want a woman who chases after jerks anyway” (to rationalize not getting her before he did), and further into “anyone who’s bangin that guy is obviously a slut.”
So in both cases, the accusations/accusers have jealousy and insecuirty written all over them! 😛

Also, back to my original point..I was once listening to some random radio station I was surfing through, where there was a female and male co-host segment, where the guy in reply to some letter he’d read said he thinks if a man is basically applauded for sleeping with 8 different women in a week (some reference to the letter, which I don’t remember by now..) then women should be able to sleep w/ 8 different guys in a week and not be considered a “slut.” The woman co-host kind of just agreed, but didn’t say much. Point being it was a guy who volunteered this opinion initially.

I can really only speak for myself, but I don’t tend to judge female character based on any knowlege of sexual activity/wanting sex “as much as men do.” The way one presents oneself publicly, I think, says a lot more to a person’s character than how sexually active they are. I tend to find tastefulness, classiness, whatever you want to call it, very attractive in women. I think a lot of the weird social judgments come from this general notion (amongst both genders) that sexuality and tastefulness cannot coexist. Wearing mini-skirts and low0cut tops is in fact not inherently degrading or a sign of poor character. (Men and just as many women seem unable to wrap their minds aroung this concept!) There are certainly women who can wear such things, but still you can tell they have self-respect (and so are respectable), and often also you can pick up (verbally, as in the post above, or otherwise..) that they soooo enjoy sex. And when you actually come across someone like that… oh my god… can’t get any hotter as far as I’m concerned… 😛

Comment by David
2012-08-19 15:55:12

I’m honestly dismay by your comment. You people dress like sluts but don’t want to be seen as sluts; you wanna have sex but don’t wanna say you wanna have sex because it makes you feel like sluts. Basically if a man ask you downright whether you wanna have sex you would say no downright, expecting him thus to have sex with you without explicit consent! Is that because you don’t wanna assume responsibilities for sex or is it because women fantasise about rape!?!


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