Many men have faced this as they’ve grown into a more sexually active lifestyle. The woman who you spent so much time fawning over, making feel special, and trying your hardest to respect and adore as much as necessary to be rewarded… now wants to be smacked… treated rough. The man taught to be The Moron.. Is now being asked to be The Jerk!

Women Crave Arguments and Drama

Women live off of emotion while men instead live life based on logic. Women crave the excitement of emotions like anger, longing, lust, and happiness. Meanwhile men prefer to end arguments quickly with logic, rather then prolong it in order to feel emotionally satisfied. This is basic human nature. While men and women can mimic each other’s tendencies and traits, who they are remains embedded deep within their sexual DNA.

For example, take this recent article from LiveScience about Women Who Prefer Men Who Look Like Dad:

The anthropologist calculated 15 key proportions based on how various features—such as the lips, nose, cheekbones and brows—related to each face’s height and width. The researchers also compared the 15 random faces to each of the father’s faces to determine how closely they resembled one another.

The women then rated their childhood relationships with their fathers based on how emotionally invested they felt their dads had been in raising them and how much time their fathers had spent with them. The women were split into two groups based on how positively or negatively they rated their relationships.

Then the researchers asked the women to rate how attractive they found each of the 15 random male faces.

The women who had reported positive relationships with their fathers were much more likely to be attracted to men resembling their fathers, the researchers found. On the other hand, women with bad dad relationships did not find men who looked like their fathers appealing.

There’s more to the article, but this is again proof that the things you’ve heard growing up sometimes tend to be based in fact. Men seem to be attracted to women that resemble their mothers while women look for someone that reminds them of dad.

The article goes deeper and dissects the actual quality of the relationship but I think this is wholly unimportant. I’ve found that women who had an absentee father or unavailable father, long for a man who will treat them right, but at the same time, also find a man who they know will leave them or hurt them just like daddy did. A man that will make them cry, make them insecure, and self-questioning, will cheat on them, etc. Perhaps it’s a matter of wanting to remember those innocent feelings of youth, or perhaps it’s a way to control via sex, the emotions they wished to feel from their fathers.

Women Love Being Spanked

Most women may not even know this, but many of my readers have shared the same story over and over again when asking for advice. The women they’ve spent so hard trying to please in order to gain her affection, is now a completely different person in the bedroom. One reader was dumbfounded when the woman he thought was a prim and proper princess, was now asking him to pull her hair and smack her ass. He’d spent his whole life hearing that women should NEVER be smacked and yet here was one begging for it.

There should be a distinction drawn between abuse and playful spanking here. Most women love a smack on the rear as a playful gesture and in the bedroom as a sign of dominance. Few women truly enjoy being “slaves”, but many women enjoy feeling that a strong man is overpowering them. The type of man you see on the covers of romance novels. They want to feel like a fragile and sensitive woman in the arms of a lustful and confident man.

Be careful though, as this is like a lightswitch sometimes. Another reader wrote that he once extended this foreplay out of the bedroom and rather than a smile got a look of shock. Like the woman in the other room was simply an outfit that was worn and shed in that room, never to be seen outside.

Some female readers have even written in before to say similar things. That while they never ASKED to be spanked, when with a man that did this, they felt turned on even more. Not sure why, but going with it, it turned out to be something they often carried into their next relationship. In a overly politically correct society like ours is today, I think we sometimes lose focus on the fact that being who we were built to be is not that bad, so long as we find comfort in it and try to embrace our genetic dispositions rather than cover them up.

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