Every Man's Dream And Nightmare:  Should I Get My Woman The Breast Implants She Wants?  Do Boobjobs Lead To Cheating?Sooner or later, almost all men in relationships are faced with this question – “Should I get her breast implants? And if so, will she cheat on me?” Most men know that there are signs that your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, and that augmentation can be seen as one. So is there merit to those worries?


For a while now, my wife has been talking about wanting breast implants. She forwarded me the reply she got from some plastic surgeon’s office…

$3600 for saline, $4800 for silicon

It’s something that she’s wanted for a long time. On one hand I think that basing your sense of self worth on outside appearances is kinda shallow and dumb, but on the other, she’s a smart woman, works hard, and I love her. If this is what she wants, who am I to stand in her way???

There are two schools of thought to this. One is that you are in a trusting relationship and that implants would be something that both of you could enjoy together. The other is that big boobs attract attention, women like attention, and that after a while, women may want to act on the increased attention on their bodies. The truth is that breast implants can be good or bad – each situation is different.

Good News – Breast Implants May Mean More Sex For You

When a woman feels sexy and confident, she’ll feel more comfortable engaging in physical contact. In a committed relationship, this can be great news for you! Many women avoid physical contact (turning off the lights, avoiding exciting places, etc.) when they feel insecure and the security boost they’ll feel from their more attractive figures will often excite them to try more adventerous sexual encounters. The goal? That they’re with you!

Bad News – Breast Implants May Cause Your Woman To Cheat On You

The sad truth is that women often find compliments to be a drug. They want more and they want more intense attraction cues. Sometimes this will lead to flashing or other activites and sometimes this will lead to falling prey to someone who knows how to take advantage of a woman wanting attention to fuel her self esteem.

What Do Others Think About Breast Implants?

As this question has popped up around the net, there have been some interesting responses to this question:

Yes, my life definitely changed! Some good – some bad!
Definitely more attention, more sex, better job and higher pay. But the women are jealous. I don’t care what others say, men love big boobs – natural – implants – it doesn’t matter, they just love them!

She’ll love the attention from her male coworkers

You realize that implants are for the next guy, right?

Fake tits are like man-lures. They’re ment to attract OTHER MEN.

Don’t be a pussy.

Having (natural!) 34DDs along with a pretty face and a curvy bottom…. AND being fun to be with (as well as an intelligent artist), has blessed me with an adult lifetime of lots of love from a few good men. You will never find me man bashing! I feel sorry for my sisters? who do. Nancy Friday is my favorite author and (along with Somewhere in Time), Dangerous Beauty is my favorite movie.

How Can You Tell If Your Girlfriend Or Wife Will Cheat?

To be honest, there really is no exact way to tell. However, watching for signs such as going out alone or with the girls, being less willing to share details about her day or night, may be helpful. Buyer beware – especially if you’re the buyer of her new toys!

How Should You Respond To This Question?

A good way is to flip the scenario and discuss her feelings about a physical enhancement for yourself. What worries would she have? What concerns would she have? If you were to, say… enlarge your member a couple inches, what would she fear that you’d do when she wasn’t with you?

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Comment by why?
2007-10-31 19:22:51

i read that smaller tits are more sensitive as opposed to large tits, plus, big tits could give her back problems

Comment by Kat
2010-05-02 15:42:11

My natural F cups are plenty sensitive! I’m sure it’s possible that fake boobs are less sensitive.

Comment by Mike Davidson
2008-10-08 10:56:50

Never ever ever buy fake boobs for a woman guys… my ex wanted them, and everyone told me not to do it cuz it would end it… Guess what… Everyone was right… it was the beginning of the end… What a bitch!

Comment by mrman
2012-03-31 22:06:10

This kills me…

“Sooner or later, almost all men in relationships are faced with this question – “Should I get her breast implants? And if so, will she cheat on me?””

Really? Sooner or later, almost all men face this question? What is wrong with you people? Where do you get this crap? You should at least cite some statistic or evidence that this is even a common question facing men in a relationship. This whole article sounds like you made it up as you went along.

Comment by Jim
2012-08-02 05:43:16

This Kills me…

Is dead wrong less then 6 month after sugery, she was in an affair.

Comment by ted
2013-04-17 17:32:50

This is disgusting but true. My mom got implants, within a year or two would not have much to do with family and was cheating on dad. Very sad. She is now looking for a divorce, in love with a married man she is cheating with. They are both cheating. I wonder if they think they will remain faithful to each other. implants cause women to have a short sighted view on life, sometimes. She is close to 60 but may or may not have a life companion to help her as she ages. Very sad for family. very happy in intermediate spurts for married woman who gets these. long long term I suspect alot of pain and guilt.

Comment by JMAN
2013-07-14 06:53:46

Don’t really know why implants would have an effect on a woman’s decision to cheat. Usually there are already problems within the relationship that have her eyes looking elsewhere. Most likely if a woman is going to cheat she will have already made up her mind to do so before getting the implants. Most women do not have a difficult time finding someone to fool around with unless they are not attractive. And in that case a new pair of boobs really wouldn’t help. My wife cheated before getting her implants. We worked through it. Realized what was not working for us in our relationship and took the time to fix it. Bottom line is this. If your woman is truly happy with you she won’t cheat. If she’s not you’ll find she won’t have a hard time justifying cheating.


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