Supersnake of Kiss FM, a nationally syndicated radio show reels an unsuspecting husband into this trap by offering him tickets for a concert. He starts by asking the wife, what the issue is. She explains they’ve been living there for three years and that they got married just before they moved to America (from India).

She goes on to explain it was an arranged marriage and covers a few more details of their move to America. However, she has her suspicions that he may be cheating on her.

Long story short, Raj (the cheating husband), ends up telling Supersnake that he wants the tickets given to Nikki instead of his wife. I’m sure we can all imagine where this goes from here.

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The best comment comes in around 5 minutes in. In case you can’t load the audio file below, I’ve taken the liberty to quote some of the ensuring drama that takes place. It gets busy so the best my quick fingers can do is paraphrase:

5 minutes into the audio clip:

Raj: Why don’t we make this out to Nykki, that’s N-Y-K-K-I.

Supersnake: OK..

Raj: And there’s a message I can leave?

Raj: Ok let me think.

Raj: Dear Nykki, thank you for showing me the ways of American love. You are my favorite BOODAH call.

*some discussion over what a BOODAH call is (he means booty call but the accent makes it hard to understand)*

*Jasmine chimes in*


Raj: Hello?


Raj: Who is this?

*more hilarious discussion*

Raj: What is going on? Hello sir? Are you still here?

Jasmine: Boodah call? Who do you think this is, do you recognize my voice?

*more hilarious discussion*

Jasmine: Boodah call? You think that’s clever? You think that’s fun?

Raj: There is someone on the phone that sounds like my wife.. What is the meaning of this?

*more discussion between Jasmine and Raj*

*they both settle down and Raj explains a bit more*

Raj: Nykki is a friend of mine..

Jasmine: Is Nykki a stripper or something?

Raj: You want to know the truth, yes? You don’t know the ways of Ameri… American women, they use the mouth.. You don’t use the mouth. You do not know how to use the mouth.

Raj: We come from India OK? And the Indian don’t use the mouth and the American girls use the mouth. You refuse to use the mouth and she will do anything I ask her to.

*Jasmine goes on about how HE should be giving ‘the mouth’*

While this shouldn’t be funny, it definitely gives some perspective on the disconnect that happens when a marriage is arranged by the family rather than happening through the course of love. Having worked closely with Indian citizens in other situations, I know firsthand how the cultures are more strict, if you will, especially concerning sexual freedoms.

I never condone or encourage cheating, but it’s hard not to find some humor in all of this. The accents of both Raj and Jasmine only add to the humor.

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