Supersnake of Kiss FM, a nationally syndicated radio show reels an unsuspecting husband into this trap by offering him tickets for a concert. He starts by asking the wife, what the issue is. She explains they’ve been living there for three years and that they got married just before they moved to America (from India).

She goes on to explain it was an arranged marriage and covers a few more details of their move to America. However, she has her suspicions that he may be cheating on her.

Long story short, Raj (the cheating husband), ends up telling Supersnake that he wants the tickets given to Nikki instead of his wife. I’m sure we can all imagine where this goes from here.

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The best comment comes in around 5 minutes in. In case you can’t load the audio file below, I’ve taken the liberty to quote some of the ensuring drama that takes place. It gets busy so the best my quick fingers can do is paraphrase:

5 minutes into the audio clip:

Raj: Why don’t we make this out to Nykki, that’s N-Y-K-K-I.

Supersnake: OK..

Raj: And there’s a message I can leave?

Raj: Ok let me think.

Raj: Dear Nykki, thank you for showing me the ways of American love. You are my favorite BOODAH call.

*some discussion over what a BOODAH call is (he means booty call but the accent makes it hard to understand)*

*Jasmine chimes in*


Raj: Hello?


Raj: Who is this?

*more hilarious discussion*

Raj: What is going on? Hello sir? Are you still here?

Jasmine: Boodah call? Who do you think this is, do you recognize my voice?

*more hilarious discussion*

Jasmine: Boodah call? You think that’s clever? You think that’s fun?

Raj: There is someone on the phone that sounds like my wife.. What is the meaning of this?

*more discussion between Jasmine and Raj*

*they both settle down and Raj explains a bit more*

Raj: Nykki is a friend of mine..

Jasmine: Is Nykki a stripper or something?

Raj: You want to know the truth, yes? You don’t know the ways of Ameri… American women, they use the mouth.. You don’t use the mouth. You do not know how to use the mouth.

Raj: We come from India OK? And the Indian don’t use the mouth and the American girls use the mouth. You refuse to use the mouth and she will do anything I ask her to.

*Jasmine goes on about how HE should be giving ‘the mouth’*

While this shouldn’t be funny, it definitely gives some perspective on the disconnect that happens when a marriage is arranged by the family rather than happening through the course of love. Having worked closely with Indian citizens in other situations, I know firsthand how the cultures are more strict, if you will, especially concerning sexual freedoms.

I never condone or encourage cheating, but it’s hard not to find some humor in all of this. The accents of both Raj and Jasmine only add to the humor.

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Comment by Lisa
2007-03-19 16:40:10

He’s saying “Buddha call.” It’s a pun on “booty call” – he said “Buddha” because he is Buddhist, since he’s Indian. Probably a joke between him and Nykki.

Comment by Ugg
2007-03-19 16:49:12

Interesting… due to the accent, I just figured it as a mispronunciation?

Comment by Randolf
2007-08-23 18:20:45

this is the most racist fake thing I’ve ever heard. whoever made this should be ashamed of themselves. the dude’s accent is so fake. it’s embarrassing.

Comment by Sshekhr
2007-11-13 11:39:56

All indians are not Buddists!! So stop using your american brain (rather lack of it)!!

Comment by Lyn
2010-07-18 08:02:50

Most indians are hindu..i’m sure he meant booty call!!

Comment by Max
2010-08-29 22:18:31

How dumb is Lisa..?? her comment is funnier than the post… God these American chicks are dumb

Comment by Sylwia
2007-03-27 08:21:16

Poor guy. The women got the point. To get you have to give. As long as he doesnt understand it he will have to change his Nykkis bit often.

Comment by ohman
2007-04-19 02:26:36

wow. this was so obviously faked. “you are on the periodical?” “you are on the stupid?” “home dogs?” so lame.

Comment by kapil
2007-08-31 14:05:16

this was total fake, the guys accent was so stupid almost like Apu speaking in The Simpsons and trust me nobody in India has a accent like that.
and the girl’s accent is too american for somebody who has been in the US for only 3 years.

Comment by Deepa
2008-02-10 19:31:09

Yeah, I agree, it was totally faked. The woman’s accent especially was off.
And I RESENT the judgmental position of the writer of this article on arranged marriages. My parents have been in an arranged marriage for over 25 years and they’re the happiest couple I’ve seen. There are a few facts you should know:

1. FIFTY PERCENT of American marriages end in divorce. And these are your hallowed “love marriages?” Do you want to know the divorce rate in India? ONE percent. That’s right, about 11 in 1000 people get divorced. Now I’ll concede that this data hides some facts, such as the increased stigma associated with divorce in India and the age distribution of divorcees, but those factors don’t account for everything. Couples in India really try to make it work because they know their marriage is based on something more than fleeting attraction.

2. Arranged marriage doesn’t mean what it used to. It doesn’t mean anymore that you’re marrying some person you’ve never seen before and completely against your will. The choice of the newlyweds enters very heavily into it – the parents do the searching, that’s all. And what’s so terrible about that? Parents are wise. They know what they’re doing.

3. Arranged marriage isn’t as horrible as it’s made out to be, not by a long shot. My parents are a heck of a lot happier than a lot of American couples I’ve seen. The problem with basing a marriage on love is that you begin to believe there’s “one true person” for you, so if it doesn’t “work out” you’re quick to let it go instead of trying your hardest to make it work. Marriage is a pragmatic arrangement, always has been. There’s love, but denying the existence of other factors is naive and ends in disappointment.

Comment by J
2009-03-19 08:41:04

That is THE MOST ridiculous thing I have EVER heard!! Of course arranged marriages last longer because there not based on emotions. If you fall out of Love with someone you shouldnt stay with them. In an arrange marriage it is more like a job you know you may not want it but it is something you have to do. Yeah, your parents may be married the rest of there lives but that doesnt mean there happy. WHo is to say they are faithful? They would not ever tell you either way. SO your assumptions are ridiculous. Sorry!!

Comment by Vishwas
2008-02-18 17:58:02

Fake or not, it was funny. For those commenting that the accents sound fake. I don’t thinks so, I feel the reason for the guy’s poor accent is that he probably hails from a smaller town from India (i.e. someplace other than Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi). I have met Indian guys working in USA with accents much worse than this guy’s.
As far as the girl is concerned I don’t see any “American” touch to her accent. This is what I’d expect to hear from a girl brought up in an educated family and who had exposure to the language since childhood. Both are 100% Indian accents.
(coming from a pilot, who is used to people having various accents while communicating with traffic controller)

Comment by Ugg
2008-02-18 18:01:59

I agree, I still think it’s real. Living in Arizona and having heard it on the air, the truth is that the DJs doing it are unlikely to be coordinated to pull a stunt like this off. They’re always messing up on that show.

Comment by Colleen
2008-07-04 11:54:53

The male voice you are hearing is that of a professional comedian and voiceover talent who also wrote the bit. He opens frequently for Russell Peters – Dan Nainan, Indian Comedian. You can find out more about him at

Comment by Akshay
2008-08-21 14:48:55

This is Funny

Comment by san
2008-12-07 22:28:01

I think this is all a constructed fake..,

leave the voices..,

as per my knowledge., indian ppl wont talk abt the sex on a public radio

Comment by sam
2009-10-23 15:19:53

This is soo fake the man sounds like king julian from the penguins of madagascar so freaky the mouth for gods sake Indians women have been using their months from Kamasutra time wer is this idoit from?

Comment by Dr Venner
2010-01-19 09:00:51

After examining this audio we have to conclude that this is a fake setup. The ladys accent did not have a ring of truth about it. The mans accent was quite appalling, its very obvious to an western asian that this sounds like a western persons imitation of a indian accent. Similar to the joke accents you see in Western TV where a white person plays an Indian. Also, the ladys description of arranged marriage sounds suspect, a person who actually has had a arranged marriage would not relate it in the same way as its described by the lady. The moment when the affair is discovered is completely ridiculous, the man is like a record player (What is this? What is this?) – he seems lost for words. This is not the sort of language most indian professionals would use to describe in this situation, the most likely response would be for the phone to go dead. There is absolutely no way the any indian, western (or especially someone straight from India) would start to discuss their sex life over the phone in such a way with their other half – the whole persona of the male does not at all depict an indian but more of a White person playing a joke. Since both male and female are from India, and judging from the mans heavy accent, real indians in such a emotive situation would instantly be talking in their native tongue…not carry on mumbling in English.
Totally fake.

Comment by haha
2010-11-24 09:14:34

Haha….is your name really Doctor Venner? Sounds awfully close to Doctor Weener…please tell me your a urologist. “Hey Doctor Venner, do you want to see my Weener?”

Comment by Angie
2011-04-13 23:29:47

All of you are rediculous. This is meant to be funny. And it was… All of you are trying to make a science experiment of it. You’re supposed to laugh and move on. Forget the accent and culture bullshit!

Comment by Real
2011-04-29 09:06:38

I agree with you. They would immediately shift to a native Indian language. And they will not discuss their sex life on air.

Comment by Mr Rahman
2011-08-03 20:31:29

i agree with you too

Comment by B
2012-02-20 17:37:28

WOW !! what a revelation!! all my life my parents raised me telling me that I am a hindu and only now it has been revealed that I am infact a Buddhist !

What would have I done without you oh y guiding star Lisa? I would have been lost all my life been confused about my spirituality and have most probably suffered in hell for thinking that I am a Hindu and not a Buddhist !

Bah blah blah…

Stop using your half-baked brain Lisa.
Go read wikipedia (before the enlightened lot bans it under some obscure piracy law) and then you will realize difference between Hindu and Buddhist.

Comment by Aravind
2012-02-27 07:52:47

Are you Indian? I guess so by your name here. So am I. Have never been to America but have met a lot of Americans. They are very nice people who don’t speak like you and insult others for a small mistake of something that looked like a generalization of what Lisa made about the Indian being Buddhist.

Am ashamed to be online as an Indian because of rude, cynical and obnoxious people like you. I know you will reply with more abuse at me as well. Hope the Hindu you are, will read your scriptures and learn to respect others and teach them politely if they don’t know something.

Comment by manoj
2012-07-18 01:15:17

Hey Deepa stop supporting the Indian styles. I hate it. You know thats not the way but not ready to accept it.


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