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Type #1 wants to let laid and doesn’t let much get in the way. This man has a reckless regard for women and it is obvious, but yet an attractive trait to the women for some reason. Perhaps because they want to be the ones to “figure him out”. Like the “gay syndrome”, women are drawn to this man because he can’t REALLY mean the things he says. And most women equate slutty men, or a man’s success with women, to his own power of attraction. He is attractive to you, because he is attractive to other women. Subconscious peer pressure/influence at it’s finest.

This type of man is usually a free spirit, perhaps floating from job to job, with no real ambition or a new ambition every week. He is a great one night stand because most of the time you know that’s all he’s going to be good for. But that’s good enough for him. This is the type of man that when spoken about, your girlfriends tell you, “Grrrrrl what you doing with him!”. But you still find yourself wanting him despite what your girlfriends tell you. As fate would have it, he may have already have slept with your girlfriends because they fell for the same trap.

This man may say he loves you, but it’s akin to a skilled locksmith finding the right pick to pick the lock he’s working with. Depending on the social intelligence of the woman he’s with, she’ll either know it’s bull to begin with, or she’ll buy into it heart and soul because this crazy man “understands her”. However this is where the reckless regard comes in again. He can and will leave at the next available moment. Or if he stays, it’s for his own convenience and with no intentions of monogamy.

This is type #1, “The Jerk”. He wants to get laid and will say I love you as quick and as easily as it takes to get into your pants.

Type Number One – The Jerk
Type Number Two – The Ambitious Man
Type Number Three – The Moron

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