If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn from being on the internet as long as I have – it’s that you CANNOT post anything you do not want the world to know. Especially if anyone from OffTopic.com sees it.

On a forum recently, one hell of a cyber-sleuth (TardCarnival) came across a post on WomensInfidelity.com where a woman describes her issue of wanting to “have her cake and eat it too”. Unfortunately, this case is much more severe than you’d imagine. With a husband serving in Iraq and a small child in the mix – this is just a recipe for disaster.

I’ve hidden/removed some of the personal information, to protect the names of those involved, but you should be able to get a good look at this drama unfolding. Taken verbatim is the post as it originally unfolded. Click on the images for larger versions. To keep things decently safe for viewing, I’ve commented out some of the profanity.

So I’m trolling up womensinfidelity.com. What’s this?

(click picture for larger image)
Original post detailing exactly she is doing and doing it with

Bitch is cheating on her husband who is deployed! Notice the yahoo name. Our first lead.

Her yahoo profile. She’s kind enough to leave a myspace address!

(click picture for larger image)
Yahoo Directory Profile for the cheater

Her alleged myspace:

(click picture for larger image)
Alleged Myspace page

Private! Possibly a dead end. Wait, wait, she left her name and city in her yahoo profile. Can we get a husband’s name?

(click picture for larger image)
Yahoo Directory Profile

We can! The hunt is on! Except, oddly, there is nobody going by his name in El Paso, Texas. Seems odd the wife would have a myspace and hubby wouldn’t.

So let’s go back to her profile.

(click picture for larger image)
Profile of the cheater

Florida?! Hmm, clever girl. Another ruse? A solid lead?

ONE HELL OF A LEAD! Shall we search for her name in Florida this time? We shall.

(click picture for larger image)
Yahoo Directory Profile for the cheater

Oh what do we have here? Quite the profile miss, and quite the wild goose chase you sent me on. Pity I had no idea how easy you would have made it to find you had I just tried myspace.com/your yahoo name. And who’s number 1? The man of the hour.

(click picture for larger image)
The Cheater's Myspace profile

Poor guy loves his wife, and has no idea what’s going on.

(click picture for larger image)
Myspace profile of the husband being cheated on

I’d want someone to tell me, so it’s time to tell him. F**king whores better cover their tracks better if they don’t want their dirty little secrets brought to light.

So How Did This End?

This was posted on one of the largest message boards in the world. Within 30 minutes, there were over 30 pages of responses. Several responses were sent to the cheated husband and eventually a reply was received from his military email address. He had his suspicions, thanked the person who sent it, and said that he’d handle it as he could.

There were pictures posted of the man she was cheating with, who was in her Top 8 Friends section, but those weren’t saved in time unfortunately as the profile went private.

We’ve seen this happen with friends and family who serve, as well as in major motion pictures like Jarhead where it happens to the soldiers out there protecting our freedoms. However, we’ve also heard of the soldiers taking equal freedoms in other conflicts like Vietnam, etc. A quick Google turned up some interesting results:

Was justice served? Well, at least this man knows what he’s coming home to. I believe every victim of cheating deserves to know what’s going on – hopefully before too much damage is done. Cheating? Fess up. It’s hard to take that step but at the end of the ordeal, everyone will hopefully end up on the road to moving on and healing…

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2007-04-10 23:25:59

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Comment by jane doe
2009-07-22 16:34:21

THis is awesome. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS! 99% of Military MEN CHEAT – AND they are supported by their peers and command when they do get caught. It’s so funny that women are given a scarlet letter, but with men, a blind eye is turned. Wake up girls – if your guy is deployed there is a good chance he is having sex with other chics!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, sad but SO True. This is my opinion – if it’s deleted, then that supports what I am saying. No one wants to read the truth, and EVERYONE in the military covers it up. What goes TDY, stays TDY. F that. B strong and don’t tolerate it! Or the lies!!!!

Comment by daniel
2009-08-16 13:18:45

I don’t know where you get you facts at but I’m a guy and I would never cheat on my wife. 99% of guy cheat ion the army????? You have got to be kidding me. where did you
get your facts? “The untrue Womens guide to cheating men”

That just pisses me off Knowing theres women out there who think all men are cheater just because 1 guy messed them over..
Sound like to me you need to find a good guy. And you dont find them in bars and cluds.

Comment by Amy
2009-08-19 15:16:26

being military married to military.. I HAVE TO SAY YOU ARE FULL OF S***T and not to open your mouth until you know what the hell are talking about

Comment by Tip
2010-03-16 22:54:58

IMHO it’s just fine if people are serving in the military overseas (I.E. Iraq, Afghanistan) and cheat on their spouse. When you have to worry that each and every day could be your last, than I say go ahead and sleep with anybody/everybody. That being said….if you are married to somebody in the military that is serving overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) than it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to cheat on your spouse, because they are laying their life on the line everyday to protect your/our freedom. If your husband/wife is fighting in a war, and you are cheating on your spouse, than you are the lowest of the low. You do not deserve to be happy. You do not deserve to be married to anybody. In fact, I believe you should imprisoned. I have slept with the wife of an active soldier while he was in Afghanistan fighting for my freedom. I fall into the category of “Lowest of the low.” I regret it everyday. I know I don’t deserve happiness or the freedom I have as an American citizen. So just a message to all you slutty army wives that cheat on your husband while he is at war: You are a piece of trash. Just like me.

Comment by Woman R Sluts
2010-05-06 08:54:03

I was on TDY and my fucking whore of an ex-fiance couldn’t keep her shit in her pants for four weeks and I’ve done nothing but be completely faithful and give her everything she ever wanted. All military wives/ fiance’s/ girlfriends are whores.

As for my best friend that she is fucking… I hope he rots in hell.

Comment by Iraqshithole
2010-08-17 03:47:30

I had the same thing happen to me. Bought my girl a $6,000 ring, took her to Europe for my 2 week leave and she’s not back home 2 weeks and she takes one of my best friends home after drinking and doing cocaine. She lies to me for a week about how she got home that night, tells me she loves me more than anything in the world on the phone and email…and then the secret got out and I was told by friends.
Stupid whore is only mad that she was caught and that her already dodgy reputation was destroyed.

I am stuck here and she is already moving on being a whore but playing the poor little ‘I blacked out and I need therapy’ victim to her family and friends but in actuality she will still be a barfly whore for the rest of her life.

Why do so many soldiers get fucked over when they are downrange? What the fuck is wrong with all you women out there? Btw, no one cheats here, there arent any fucking women on FOB! Maybe in the big base camps but not in the fucking warzone!

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Comment by Your Stupid
2010-09-22 07:42:13

sorry you’re insecure.

Comment by Burned
2007-04-10 23:56:11

This is a freakin classic, its been awhile since i did anything like that but it is freakin great, im tired of all the military whores especially, your old man is in a damn war, and you have the gull to fuck someone else while he is fighting…

great post askugg, i’m going to highlight this post on my blog, it is a classic.

Comment by Ugg
2007-04-11 08:07:43


I’m big on these stories because I’ve read of soldiers coming home and finding their lives torn apart by cheating spouses. Often traumatized from war, the last thing they can handle is their life torn apart in front of them. Sometimes they resort to violence, sometimes suicide, but especially if there are children involved, the soldier needs to know about this before heading home to find a big surprise waiting for him or her.

Comment by ProudArmyWife
2007-09-06 21:56:48

I have been reading this on Military Spouses cheating, and I must say, that I don’t know if you think all of us are that way or just a few. My husband is deployed, and will be until sometime in 2008, but I don’t put myself into a situation where I am going to cheat. We have two kids, and no matter the distance, we have an awesome life, and a love that isn’t going to change bc we’re apart. I don’t like seeing how some of you say All Military Wives are Whores or anything like that. Bc while there are spouses like that to give spouses like me bad names, many of us don’t. I know a lot of friends whose husbands are gone and none of them cheat either. Yeah it does happen, but mostly its the 18-20 yr olds who rushed into a marriage right before the soldier was deployed!

Comment by lovemysoldier2008
2008-01-18 13:48:06

I agree with you. I am a military wife. I am married to a man that is currently deployed. It is not fair that we are all cast in the same circle as the wives who cheat. I have not ever cheated on my husband nor do i have plans too. We have a daughter and my family means the most to me.

Comment by Jean
2008-01-19 23:58:58

Yes some women do cheat on their husbands who are serving our country and it makes me sick but those of you who put us in the same category by saying “all military wives cheat” disgust me even more! It’s hard enough dealing with a husband who is gone for a year or more without being put in the same category as a cheater. That’s like saying all men are pigs!
I am married to a wonderful man who is attending basic training right now and I know he will be deployed soon after coming home from basic. I also have a son who in May will also be joining. Family is everything and you have to be strong! I wouldn’t ever dream of cheating on my husband. I don’t recall anyones vows reading, “for better, for worse, and oh yea if he goes to war I can cheat!”
It takes strong willed women to stay grounded and just because someone is in their early 20’s is NO excuse to cheat on a spouse that is over in a different country fighting a war. You knew what you were getting into when you said, “I DO”, and if you claim you don’t then your head is in the sand!

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Comment by Army Wife
2009-12-12 22:24:09

Im one of those 20 y/o that rushed into marraige. We love eachother and to say its mostly our age group that does it is a complete misconception. I would never do that to my husband, we are expecting our first child and I couldnt even think about being with someone else. I may be the exception in this situation, but dont preconcieve something you have no idea about. You cant label us just because of our age group, if you arent in my shoes then shut the hell up.

Comment by Vic
2007-04-11 06:38:51


Comment by Ugg
2007-04-11 08:14:43

:eek3: indeed… maybe even a little :noes: šŸ˜®

Comment by redfox2
2007-04-11 10:43:30

nappy headed hos!!!!!

Comment by Trel
2007-11-09 15:41:31

No need….

Comment by gino
2007-04-17 02:59:01

Well…I hope for her that the guy in Irak doesn’t come bck too hungry…you don’t want to mess with a marine or a G.I. with a post combat stress disorder….and usually the guys out there tend to be pretty tough….But he will have my approval if he kick the bastard “friend” till it bleed. God is disgusting how some people are respctless of our folks…I’d send this ind of people to die in Irak in the first place!

Comment by Ugg
2007-04-17 10:09:38

While I agree with what I believe you were TRYING to say… I’m sure our troops would appreciate you at least being able to properly spell the country they’re in :)

Comment by Sara
2010-02-23 08:50:57

FYI- It’s spelled Iraq, not Irak.

2007-04-18 16:59:02

[…] that if nothing else, you’ve established that he was lying. Men and women often do this when “busted” because it ends the conversation and avoids the fact that you don’t really want an answer, […]

Comment by Kelly
2007-04-29 02:19:22

I found this through a friend of mine – the funniest part of this is that yes, the actual girl that was cheating, WAS cheating – BUT – the girl whose profile she linked you to *originally*? OH SNAP – she was also cheating on her husband while he was deployed! (but denies it, though friends and the like saw her in public with this guy).

What a sad, sad world.

Comment by Trel
2007-11-09 15:40:41

Right, because she’s seen in public with a man that she’s not related to must mean she’s sleeping with him.

Comment by Crisi
2007-06-20 16:47:08

… This is very confusing, because that first myspace you linked to? Kyleia? She is not black. I know her in reallife, or I did many years ago. Now, I would not put it above her to cheat on a husband (I do know she married a military guy) but, I think you are dealing with two differnt Kyleias in there.

Comment by Loran
2007-07-03 21:50:21

I am a US Soldier and I have something to say. I appreciate that this story is being told, however. Is it fair that the wife in this situation is being treated so harshly? Alot of soldiers and alot of spouses are doing this sort of thing. I even had friends who promised their spouses that they wouldn’t be angry if something like this happend during their time apart. It is war, it is stressful and it is a very sad reality. I am not saying that this is okay, and I hope that my spouse and I do not face this issue in our marriage however, it isn’t a “new” occurance. It is my opinion that the spouses in these situations need friends who will support them and be there through their struggle to set things right in their marriage. People who will encourage them to find more respectable ways to deal with their emotions in the absence of their spouse. This girl is 23, she is young and she messed up pretty bad. Does that mean she hates her husband???? Really???? It’s not like she is the first one to make a mistake that she has to live with for the rest of her life.

Anyway, that is my opinion… This is a private matter between a SOLDIER and HIS spouse.

Comment by In Iraq
2010-09-28 05:23:17

Copy((Anyway, that is my opinionā€¦ This is a private matter between a SOLDIER and HIS spouse.))Copy

Thats what they say until the spouse comes back looking to kill the guy, because hes been sitting over there getting shot at and blowed up, setting in the heat. Having to deal with that and now she runed his life as he knows it back in the states. Then they think we need to get involved” he could hurt some one”

Comment by Richard
2007-07-28 16:34:05

Here’s a little of a reverse story for you people out there. I formerly served in the Marines, was out for awhile, met the girl of my dreams and got married, she wanted to go to college, so she joined the National Guard, unfortunately 911 took place and everyone was getting deployed, she was one of them. Gone for 9 months, emailing me, talking to me on the phone almost daily, “I love you so much, when i get back we have to start our family and bring a little one into the world” shit like this the entire time. Well, when she returned she was acting a bit off, i figured she needed adjustment, i gave her space, i needed that myself before. Things didn’t get any better so i pressed her to find the issue, turns out the entire time she was deployed she was fucking her Mst Sgt, her supperior NCO. Then she said, “Sorry, but i’m leaving you, i’m in love with someone else” why thank you so much, for leading me on for so long, i wonder if any of those times she called me, and said how much she loved me, if she was sitting on her Mst Sgt. I have been trying to find a wall of shame to poster her picture and info, but haven’t had any luck.

Comment by Ugg
2007-07-29 12:11:39

Wow Richard, I can’t imagine that was a welcome surprise. Thanks for the story and remember.. at least you didn’t end up raising a child that wasn’t yours. That’s happened to other men in stories in the ‘Cheating Lovers’ section!

Comment by TJ
2007-08-24 12:51:17

Wow Richard –
You are just like me. I couldn’t help but respond. I came across this thread while looking up punishment for adultery. My wife was deployed overseas from October 2005 through February of this year while I raised our 4 year old. I found a number of e-mails between two guys during her deployment. One was at one place and then she was transferred. This continued on with another fellow. This is absolutely disgusting. I don’t know how we can expect other cultures to live by standards when we can’t even live to them. I just assume that her and every other pig that participated in this behavior get what they deserve for this crap.

The kicker of the story is that she ran off with the second of the two guys, but I assume that has not worked out, so now she is begging to come back. I have quit my job with the Army and moved my daughter and I out of state so I can finish graduate school. 4 year olds shouldn’t be asking to go to ‘Mommy’s boyfriend’s’ when I try to be a parent to this child.

The shoe is ready to drop on her and I had questions about punishment for this sort of crap. What happened in your instance. Did they end up blaming you for it. Thanks

2008-09-07 13:56:40

If she’s in the military and you can give proof to her commanding officer – she can be kicked out of the military.

2008-09-07 13:58:13

Of course, not the one she’s sleeping with – lol – the one above them and then turn them both in and follow it up the chain. They take this very seriously as long as the one you turn in isn’t one that is involved in this as well.

Comment by lovemysoldier2008
2008-01-18 13:51:41

Sorry to hear that happened to you. I know people in my husband’s unit that are coming home to wives that are expecting and it’s not theirs. I think if you are going to cheat, tell the other person and then you both can either fix it or get on with your lives. If my husband cheats on me – that is what will happen, the trust will be gone and not sure that can be rebuilt.

Comment by RG
2007-07-31 06:18:25

I am prior service Army, and just like Richard’s story tells you, it happens just as much with the deployed spouses overseas as it does with the ones left behind… which is fucked up because it’s not easy for them to be at home without their spouses either, just because they’re not the ones fighting. I’m dealing with a deployed spouse right now. He took leave to see our newborn son shortly after he got there and before he knew about the 3-month deployment extension so I have a solid year without him. But there is no way in hell, heaven, or earth that I will -EVER- cheat on him. It’s just not right, but that’s just me. Why the hell would someone get married if they weren’t sure if that person is someone they want to spend the rest of their life with? I mean, it’s different if you have an agreement with your spouse or whatever but if you’re LYING to them and hiding shit from them you deserve to get slapped.

And all these tricky people give military spouses like me a bad name.. But Loran is right, it is a matter between a soldier and his or her spouse..

Comment by Nospacesallowed
2007-11-02 17:03:56

You may want to block the kids face out in the second myspace profile picture as he appears underage and in some places there are laws against that type of thing. It is in the lower left-hand corner.

Comment by J (secrets)
2007-11-17 00:54:18

I am deployed in Iraq right now, and I wish someone would do this for me! I have a ton of odd things happening to me, that my wife is doing. We have 2 young boys and it would make me feel, so much better if someone could help me! Please Help me someone! Please!

Comment by George
2008-05-10 11:26:01

What do you need? You people are fighting in Iraq for nothing.

Comment by Jeff
2008-08-19 15:08:07

George, you are an idiot…

Comment by rkyobo
2010-02-10 17:18:12

George, just to let you know – after two years, you are STILL an idiot!

Comment by Arthur Minnich
2007-12-18 09:27:24

This is absolutley beautiful. I wish someone had told me. I left home June 2006 for Iraq. By October my wife was having an affair. I discovered it in February 2007. After she ruined my credit, cleaned out the bank and destroyed quiet a bit of my personal items. Everybody knew but me and no one was talking. I noticed one person state, “Anyway, that is my opinionā€¦ This is a private matter between a SOLDIER and HIS spouse.” No it’s not. She gave up privacy when she introduced a third party to the marriage. I have extended here in Iraq for another year to pay off the marital debts. Since then she has sold almost everything of value in our home. What she didn’t sell is now in her boyfriends house, (Drew Schaffer, Pine Grove, PA). My little girl now lives with mommy, boyfriend, brother and 5 dogs in a small home. PA court has shown thier understanding for this matter by leveling a $750.00 a month child support judgement against me. LOL It’s unreal. She works, no longer pays rent and she is taking me back to court because she didn’t get the promotion she was expecting at work. She wants more. Her boyfriend only works part time. I wonder exactly who I am supporting. All I know is this. I am tired of it. I still love my wife and I miss her more than words can say. HE is another matter. He invaded my marriage, my home and my bed. Everyday he walked through my front door he saw a picture of me with a yellow ribbon that said, “My Daddy’s my hero”. So he is far from innocent. He is a coward. He is what women call a “home wrecker” and he will pay. I have nothing for him. He is a low life, scum. Not worthy of breathing the air that other good people could be breathing. For now he enjoys life, my family, my wifes attention and affection. That will end. He enjoys it by my grace alone and I won’t be here forever.

Comment by Mike Paahana
2008-01-29 17:14:02

i fool aroun so much on my gf i evan like do it with her sister and i no feel bad at all so relax sista an jus have fun

Comment by Jeff
2008-08-02 23:21:36

I found out my wife was cheating while I was in Afghanistan! I had a feeling something was wrong, so I hacked into her email and found their letters to each other about their contact from the night before. I was sick over it. I requested leave immediately and was home two weeks later. I wanted to kill them both, and damn near did. It took a lot for me not to. The guy she had the affair with is also in the military and has never deployed! I have been to Iraq twice and was on my first deployment in Afghanistan. As if we don’t have enough on our plate without the person we are supposed to rely on the most becoming the enemy. I have not seen him yet, but it is just a matter of time before I do. I have the proof of the affair which is now with the Inspector General. He won’t have a job for long, but that is still not good enough. He can’t hide from me forever. As far as life goes for her. SHE lost the house and will have only visitation with the 2 children we made together. For once the father wins!

Comment by Ugg
2008-08-04 09:47:43

Wow Jeff!

Thanks for the comment – it seems that dads are winning more often nowadays and sometimes with good reason to.

Sorry for the circumstances, but it seems that you have the upper hand. Hopefully you make that work for you. It’s cliche, but the best revenge really is living a great life.

Comment by DocLong
2008-08-10 22:22:21

How did you get home? My parents found my wife cheating on me. I’m currently in Iraq. I can’t be here any longer. What can I do?

Comment by Jeff
2008-08-19 14:46:15

Go to the chaplain first! Then you need to change all your accounts so she doesn’t have access to anything!!! I also had a close professional relationship with my SGM. He helped out a lot. I was granted my leave within 2 weeks of finding out. Once I returned home I also found out she hadn’t paid the mortgage in a year and the kids were suffering from her poor parenting practices with school grades slipping and tremendous weight gain with my older son. I was allowed to remain at my home while getting my personal affairs in order so I didn’t lose everything. I can do without her anyday, but when it effects the children, that is a different story. She will be the one to lose everything now, not me. The biggest thing is getting your chain of command involved, especially the chaplain. But you have to keep your cool in the process. If you appear to be unstable in any way, you will not go anywhere in case you are a danger to others or yourself. Keep in mind, that a wife that cheats on you while you are deployed isn’t worth pissing on if she is on fire, no matter how much you love her, and no matter how much it hurts, she is lower that dirt!

Comment by Jeff
2008-08-19 14:54:18

Just one more piece to add to this. There are a lot of loyal spouses out there that are dealing with their soldiers deployment with dignity and doing the right thing. I know it must be extremely diffcult, whether it is the first deployment or if there have been multiple. The spouses at home have it very tough as well, and they deserve the utmost respect. Just wish my wife could have been one of them.

If you find comments on here from individuals showing their protest, don’t let it bother you, we fight so they can have their opinions, no matter what they are. Besides, protesting an individual soldier proves their ignorance.

2008-09-07 13:53:36

My husband is on his second deployment. I am just as in love with him (0r more) than I was the day we married. No, it hasn’t been easy – and we’ve had trial after trial, almost insurmountable trials throughout this time. Both of us have gone through things that have been very difficult – my health issues got worse and worse, and after 8 different procedures for different things, finally started to have difficulty swallowing and was found to have a cancerous mass that had to be removed. HE has been dealing with an ex (that after 16 years and 5 kids cheated on him and cleaned him out) who was also abusing the kids – they kept begging him for help, so he had to file protective orders and finally she hurt one of them bad enough that the cops removed them. Still, thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees later, she is appealing and appealing, trying anything she can to get her meal ticket (the kids) back. My husband came home on leave to get them, and then went back to Afghanistan and left them with me. Little did I know that the poor kids suffered many, many mental problems as a result of being abused – and they then abused my little daughter. One of them started leaving me detailed letters about how he was going to cut me and her up and string us up on meat hooks after cutting off my genitals – sick stuff like that. I had no idea the extent of the mental injuries and the psychosis these poor kids had as a result of traumatic experiences they had gone through themselves. Meanwhile, she is suing and suing, and my husband was trying to get SRCA to help – but the judge of a very small town is in her back pocket. ANYWAY – my point being, that I took these kids, and loved them and my husband enough to get them help (they both are presently in treatment). My husband extended and has currently been away from us for 2 1/2 years. When he did come home for leave, he had PTSD and was not the same man when he left. (how could he be???) I have loved him anyway. I have been faithful through this and more, and cried myself to sleep many nights – I’ve felt heartbroken and lonely, hurt and the list goes on.Some people think that if you’re a fat, old, and ugly wife, that’s why you don’t cheat. I am neither fat,ugly, or old and am currently in school to become a doctor. It has nothing to do with if you’could’ cheat or not. I have had opportunity. I tell anyone that tries to get lost and that my husband is my love and I would never hurt him that way. Even when he is not at his best, and is suffering from PTSD. I remember what he was like before he left, and I want to give him time to work through what has happened to him. What I haven’t done is ABANDON the man that is fighting for yours and my freedom – while he is over there going through horrific stress the least that I can do is put my needs aside and be supportive and FAITHFUL!!! I would want him to do the same for me. He has come home more emotionally numb, closed off, distant, quick to anger with me and the kids, etc. and I am still here, loving him. Please do not think me a doormat, ethier. I am a very independent woman, with a fine self-esteem. I’m also a hospice nurse and my job is very stressful and emotionally demanding. It has taught me that love is the most important thing in life – and those that are selfish and about themselves end up dyiing alone and the end for them is so sad. While my husband was at Camp Shelby getting ready to leave, he went and sat down at a computer that had been used by a higher up in his unit. He had left his email open and he had been having an affair with another woman he had met while he was there. Another guy in his unit used his 3 day pass before shipping out to sleep with someone locally and kept up the affair the entire time. These kinds of things happened regularly with guys on the deployment. On the other side of the world, I watched as the wives did different things as well. Believe me, too – the unit wives that are home know which wives stayed faithful, and which didn’t. It is so sad to watch. My husband would call and tell me how much so and so missed his wife and family, while I knew that woman was out clubbing every weekend and had been sleeping with other guys. What my husband reminded me about was that this happens all the time when people AREN’T deployed, also. It just seems more magnified when the soldiers are deployed I think. I was cheated on in a previous marriage and it devastated me. My husband went through that as well in his previous marriage. All that I can say to the people out there that are doing this, is to please think about how you would feel if the man you married were lyiing to you, spending money that you had earned on someone else, intentionally train-wrecking your marriage and the safety and stability for your children. If you are no longer in love with your spouse and use that as an excuse – why can’t you try harder to see positives in that person, to build them up and try to at least treat them as you would want to be treated and communicate honestly. I’ve never understood why people don’t protect themselves from situations where they could fall in love with someone else, don’t flirt, don’t put yourself in places alone with someone of the opposite sex when you are lonely, don’t start confiding in people other than your spouse. I have so many girlfriends that tell me that they can’t talk to their military husband anymore because he has changed since the deployment. That’s how they justify going to someone else for their “needs”. It is sickening. If you were in a horrible accident and couldn’t meet the needs of your partner for a little while, would you want them to abandon you and start up a fling while you were fighting for your life??? These guys live for their families – the love that you show them over there gives them the strength and purpose to fight and to be courageous and brave. The appreciation that you give them helps heal their hearts, and handling things at home responsibly and with the thought of what they are sacrificing for you and the kids should be in the forefront of your mind. It is not the time to selfishly put your needs first and insist that they not only do what they have to do out there, but worry about your selfishness back home. I just don’t and never will understand it. There have been times in my marriage where my husband has been going through alot and I will say, I’ve been feeling lonely for a very long time. I have been patiently waiting for my husband to get through the trials with his ex and be ‘present” in this relationship. I’ve used my paychecks to pay her alimony and help supplement child support. I’ve taken care of his children who abuse me because I am the mother figure they associate with hate even though I have never yelled or hit them – only treated them with love. I have been lashed out at by my husband who is suffering from the war. I cry, get hurt, feel lost, alone just like anybody else. But the thing that I will not do is cheat on my spouse. ESPECIALLY while he is fighting a war and needs me to be strong here and take care of our home and children. It’s like kicking a guy in the &*^^s when he’s already down. Not right. For those that are going through this – I am so sorry. I know it might not feel like it right now – but truly, this too shall pass. I went through it, and thought that I would die – never have I gone through anything past or present that was so devastating as that kind of betrayal. But I survived it to meet a man who I adore – even though things are hard for us right now. There ARE women who don’t lie, cheat, and act like whores while their husbands are fighting valiantly like the heros they are. Protect yourself if this is happening to you. If you suspect it is going on, do everything in your power to protect your assests and your children if you have them. Go to the Jag and get a new power of attorney done. Send it out to your parents or someone you trust so that she can’t sell your house from under you. Change your insurance beneficiaries to someone that will hold in trust your money so your children will have help. Don’t trust her when she lies and says she still loves you and will work it out. You can go into mypay and change the bank account your money goes into and then send the pay online the mortgage and accounts in your name. Look up the states requirment for child support and only send her what you would be required to pay for the kids,so she can’t sue you for nonsupport and you handle the payments of all the other accounts. That way you will not have your credit ruined. What these women don’t understand, is that you still have a way to get on the computer and can deal with the finances still. My husband couldn’t access our bank overseas because of the banks’ own rules for security, but he could always call the customer service people and do transfers to pay things over the phone. Have a trusted family member open an account for you and have your paycheck diverted there. Play hard ball. Also, don’t allow for a divorce or anything to be finalized while you are there – use the SRCA laws to prevent the courts from awarding custody or ordering child support while you are not there to make appearances. Also, document anything that you find out she is doing. Hire a private investigator to gather evidence for you. I know it sucks right now, but you must not let your emotions govern the way you do things right now. Divorce and settlements will haunt you for the rest of your life if you settle in a way that is in your ex’s favor. She may manipulate you and make you feel that if you agree on something she will get back with you later or whatever, but she is lyiing to get what she wants.As soon as she committed adultery, the court was on your side. She basically broke a contract – the marriage contract – and she will try and sucker you to just write ‘irrecon. differences” so that the divorce can be modified down the road and it looks like you were both at fault. This is the typical “no fault” divorce. In this situation, it was somebody’s fault HERS. So you want that to be on paper. It will have a huge affect on the outcome of your finances, visitation, custody, etc. Also DO NOT let her have sole custody. At the very least, have joint legal – I would suggest pushing for you to have the custody, even if you have no idea how you will do it. Hiring a babysitter will end up being alot cheaper in the long run than having to pay her for the next 18 years. I promise you – what we have gone through with my husbands ex has been horrific. She twisted all of his kids minds to think HE was the one and that he had abandoned them – while at the same time telling him they didn’t want to visit, etc. I could go on and on. It is just a mess. The FIRST time this happens, freeze any accounts you have that are both of you – if you dont you may be paying off debts for years that you didn’t create, and will not have a foot to stand on because you were still married. I have seen so many guys that lost everything while they were deployed because their cheating spouse had power of attorney. Don’t forget that there is a JAG and that you can make a new one while you are there and that will cancel out the other one. Make sure you send a letter to your spouse so that she knows and have her email you about it (so you have her pissed off email as proof if she does anything in your name after the new one is made – then you can file charges against her). Mostly, just keep calm and don’t lose it – at least nowhere near her, where she can use that against you in court later to get your kids.Don’t come home and go postal on the boyfriend you’ll just end up in jail, lose your military career, and your kids. You’ll validate her argument that you are an abusive husband, or a bad father. Even though any man would want to kill the SOB that destroyed his marriage, as hard as it is right now, don’t just focuss on the guy. It take two people. If a hot babe came on to you and you slept with her – is she the only one to blame? No. So many people just treat the wife as a victim and go after the guy. Your wife is the one that knew she was married. How do you know what lies she told the guy so that he thought you were an ass and he was saving her from you – the abusive, crazy war vet??? I’ve seen women lie about their good husbands so the other guy thinks they are actually saving her from such a bad man. Fight this battle smart and you will end up winning in the end. Success is the best revenge. She’s not worth it – and you will see that later on down the road, even if you love her more than anything in the world and want to forgive and forget – these types of people don’t change, and you will let the opportunity for you to find someone you can love 100% and trust go. Don’t take it out on yourself ethier – don’t let thoughts of suicide or feelings of giving up take you down. Turn those feelings into anger for now – anger will make it easier to disassociate from the hurt and get you through the hard part of the legal process. Afterward, let the hurt out so that the anger doesn’t fester and end up hurting you and the ones you love. Don’t let this make you bitter and hate women!!!There are so many women out there that will love their spouse, that will honor and appreciate a good man and honor their vows. I am disgusted by the women (and men) out there that do this to each other. I don’t care what people say THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!! Alot of women use the “he was abusing me” excuse. I went through this myself with my ex.He was very abusive, emotionally and physically. I still did not cheat! I kicked him out and ended the relationship. I would not cheat even though he had multiple times. After he was aware the relationship was done, and only then – did I move on and now am with a man who loves me and is faithful. I know this is so long, but I hope it helps someone out there. I know this is probably one of the darkest times of your life if you are going through this – but keep your head up and stay strong. You are the elite of our nation, and there are many out here who respect, appreciate, and honor you for your service and integrity. Don’t stay with someone that disrespects you in this way, and uses you. Do you and your children a favor and show them that true love is real by moving on and finding someone that will treat you well. Don’t give up and don’t give in!!! You are worth more than that – and no woman that cheats is worth your time, money, love for one more second!!! Oh- and don’t sleep with her ethier – even if you think it’s just ‘one last time’ or saying goodbye, or because you just miss her so bad, etc. etc. she could be trying to trap you by getting pregnant – OR give you some disease that will keep you from moving on and having a happy relationship with someone good to you.I’ve seen women who got pregnant from the guy they cheated with try and hook up with the jilted spouse – then get back together when she tells him the baby is his. It is so sad!!! I had a friend who confided in me that her son was her husband’s brother’s and he didn’t know!!! How sick! She has already shown you the kind of person she is deep down. Don’t believe her crying, lies, show of remorse – just harden your heart and move on. Strike one, you’re out. Trust me – I have studied the biology that makes people cheaters – and scientists are finding more and more evidence that people that can justify cheating are the same ones that will take and take and never be satisfied, turn things around on YOU so that you always feel beaten up, beat down, unappreciated, and empty. You’ll work harder and harder to make her happy and she will never be happy – just keep asking you to do more and more. On the flipside, there are women out there that have been married to men like this – and their personality is such that they DO value a man for life and believe in marriage and monogamy. Good luck! Don’t forget you are a HERO!!!!

Comment by Richard
2008-09-15 03:06:02

Wow, nice. I could have used that info awhile ago.

Comment by thomas
2008-09-25 00:58:53

This is ALL to familiar for anyone who’s ever been in the military. It doesn’t matter if the deployment is in a time of war or peace. The rates of infidelity in the military are FAR FAR FAR higher than in any civilian organization I’ve been in since my separation from the military.
Lets face it, people get married too young and marriage is like a fun game of playing house.
Too many do not take marriage seriously and are too immature to handle the lifestyle that being married in the military demands.

Comment by Kimberly
2008-12-14 19:56:28

I am a Military Spouse and reading this makes me so upset. My Husband was deployed last year, left when I was 4 months pregnant and not even a month after we got married to Iraq. He missed the birth of our son and the whole time all I could think of was how much I missed him. I NEVER once thought of cheating on him! Wives, Girlfriends even Husbands and boyfriends need to grow up and become a better person. If they didn’t love the person, don’t marry them. If you want more than one man and cheat on your Husband and still think that your Husband will still want to be with you, your fucked up in the head.

Her Husband was overseas fighting for our freedom, risking his life for his family and gets this out of it.

I hate whores like her.

I have a group on a website , which is for Moms and I made a group called LOYAL Military Wives. I made the group because I think it is so sad how many wives are cheating. I think it needs to end and they should all grow up.

I made my group because I love my Husband more than anyone in this World and I could never in my life think of cheating on him and I wanted a group that other Wives could join who are the same way. It is sad, I do only have like 210 members, which tells you how many are faithful and loyal.

This bitch should rot in hell!!!! Her Husband deserves so much better and I would have been one of the people to contact him and let him know what was going on. I hope she lost both men!

Comment by Kimberly
2008-12-14 20:00:42

I am a Military Spouse and reading this makes me so upset. My Husband was deployed last year, left when I was 4 months pregnant and not even a month after we got married to Iraq. He missed the birth of our son and the whole time all I could think of was how much I missed him. I NEVER once thought of cheating on him! Wives, Girlfriends even Husbands and boyfriends need to grow up and become a better person. If they didn’t love the person, don’t marry them. If you want more than one man and cheat on your Husband and still think that your Husband will still want to be with you, your fucked up in the head.

Her Husband was overseas fighting for our freedom, risking his life for his family and gets this out of it.

I hate whores like her.

I have a group on a website , which is for Moms and I made a group called LOYAL Military Wives. I made the group because I think it is so sad how many wives are cheating. I think it needs to end and they should all grow up.

I made my group because I love my Husband more than anyone in this World and I could never in my life think of cheating on him and I wanted a group that other Wives could join who are the same way. It is sad, I do only have like 210 members, which tells you how many are faithful and loyal.

Comment by Kyleia
2009-02-07 17:06:48

I’m dying to know why she put *my* myspace link on HER Yahoo profile.

Comment by walter
2009-02-28 18:28:45

I am a victim of a cheating spouse when I deployed to Iraq in 2006. With the rising number of divorces and suicides, someone need to hold these cheating, selfish, spouses accountable. There are infidelity laws in some states, but in my opinion, when dealing with the health and welfare of our servicemembers, this should be a federal law (on a case by case basis of course). When in combat or not, being a soldier requires good mental fitness. When a spouse, a soldier’s support base of motivation, selfishly and maliciously damages the mental state of the soldier, through any kind of abuse, then they should be brought up on charges, whether state or federal. We’re only doing what we’re being told to do, go and fight for the freedoms in this country, only to come back and get slapped in the face by these deceptive, conniving, pieces of shit!

Comment by ahortiz
2009-03-02 21:18:26

hi, my husband is deployed, i love my husband, very much, he is my soldier, and i miss him so much, as the kids do. We all miss him. I wouldnot cheat on the love of my life, he is all i want, he is the star in my sky, he is my heart.
The kids love him, and we are a family..
He is serving, and i am proud of my hero. He is my heart, and means
so much to ME, and our children..
this upset me that people say that miliary wives cheat, cause there are wives out there that do love their hubbys, and are faithful, cause of Love….cause they do love their husbands, i have friends who husbands are deployed, and they love their spouses, and are true.
I am true to my man, he rocks my world, he is my hero..

Comment by lovehimhatehim
2009-04-05 23:20:33

I am a 40 yr old mother of 2 and been married for 20 years but ive been cheating on my husband for the past few years it started at my work place it was there office party and my husband refused to go so i went on my own there i saw him a sexy young stud he was 21 i was 38 we started talkin he asked me too dance i said yes then 1 thing led to the next we were in washroom stal geetin it on im still with him tll this day he wants me to leave my husband and run off wit him hes a way better lover then my husband ever is sud i leave my husband and run off wit my lover

Comment by K
2009-10-26 08:40:39

Can I first say that you type like a teenager? For being 40, your grammar and spelling is atrocious. If you actually are 40, you should know what that means.

Secondly; did you know read any of the stuff on here? Guys don’t want to be cheated on, if you’re going to do it, they’d rather you up and leave. As a guy myself, I’d rather my girl leave me without an explanation and keep me wondering than to find out that she cheated on me. Not only does it hurt a guys emotions, but it directly affects every aspect of his life, especially his self-esteem.


And I hope when you do leave, you don’t get ANYTHING from this marriage; no money, no cars, nothing except maybe your clothes. But that’s only because, let’s be honest, is he going to wear them? And how would that look if another woman came into his life after you?


Comment by Latasha
2009-07-07 00:04:45

I randomly ran across this page while searching for anything that would help me understand why I haven’t heard from my husband recently. I haven’t talked to him in two days and I’m going crazy! We got married in April of this year and he left in May. We hadn’t even been married a month before he deployed. Reading about all of these things is not a shock to me. My husband was married before and went through a deployment to Iraq during that marriage. His first wife actually cheated, ended up pregnant, and tried to say the baby was his. So nothing on this page has come as a shock to me. But there is something that bothered me. Not every military wife s a whore. Not every military wife is gonna cheat on her husband because he’s not here. It’s unfair to even say that. If you love someone, truly love them, nothing and no one will be able to come between that. And I sincerely believe that. Maybe I’m naive, maybe I’m still in the newlywed stage, but I believe that real love is true, it’s strong, and it is unwavering! Good luck to those of you in my situation as well as those of you that have been hurt by someone else’s sleazy actions. Remember that real love never fails!!!! Please keep my husband and I in your prayers!

Comment by Christa
2009-12-14 21:51:28

Get Real …. I was a soldier 4 six years, Met my husband while in.. He was Legally married to a b**** 15 years older than him. He cheated his entire marriage but took care of this women with her 3 kids by other men. She couldnt have kids any more and used him more then he knew.. She caught him cheating several times, but couldnt go back to welfare… She collected money while he was deployed to many different conflicts.And lived better than she had ever. When I met him he had been married for 13 years. I do not regret taking my husband from the old lady that took his youth. Me and my husband have been married for over 11 tears and have 2 children, we are the couple all of our friends want to be.. He is my best friend. While he was still in and deployed we never set expectations of one another. I went out and had fun with my girls friends even got caught up having a sexual relationship once. (over 6yrs ago). We are realisits and know to love someone is to be by their side through whatever challenges come your way. It isnt needed to discuss this just to know… We are together and nothing or no one will change that no matter what. I love my husband and our family. He works over seas , and has said to me the only thing worst than me cheatting on him would be for me to leave him… And I feel the exact same way… And thats what its all about. We are in our 40’s and he has been retired for over 4 years . He works over seas as a contractor. And I am starting a home based buisness for military spouses. Our relationship is better than ever. And Sex has always been the best part. For both of us.. Maybe this will help someone… ‘Had a couple of drinks but had to comment’

Comment by assblaster
2010-07-05 18:11:49

I want to join the military… whores like this are the only reason I wont.

Comment by For1andonly
2010-07-12 18:18:28

Just so we get htings clear here… Cheating… is a major sin and it will lead to a greavious punishment if being commited by adulterers. Cause its a sin against Humanity a sin against society adn the concept of Marital Love and peacefor your family. You’re ruining yourself and you life by having an affair… and not only htat, in my opinion, once you have an offair, you dont exist to me anymore. peace! (CAuse you an never be trusted or thought about in the same lines, thats fro sure. peace! – its unforgivable to me, unless God chooses to have mercy on you, peace!)

Comment by carlos
2010-08-20 11:22:10

good job at helping the guy out. nd that jane doe who commented doesnt know jack. she cant say all men cheat cuz its not true. but good find anyway KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DETECTIVE

Comment by Dexter
2010-08-28 15:47:30

First, to the people who sniffed this thing out and tracked down the husband, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I kind of wished someone had done the same for me.

I just got back from an Iraq/Afghanistan (I got the Marine Corps “two for the price of one prize…”) deployment to find out my wife had been having an affair with a reserve Navy corpsman the ENTIRE time I was deployed plus 10 weeks for good measure until I found out. First, he’s a piece of shit because he’s been dodging deployments every chance he gets, I volunteer to go downrange and then he enjoys my wife and family while I’m gone. I was the typical stupid husband who THOUGHT “oh, my wife would never, never, never, EVER do this!” After I started to sniff out the affair, I started to study this stuff in depth to find out ANY woman can do this. And, no I’m not generalizing and I apologize to all the sincerely faithful military wives who CAN stomach a deployment. But men aren’t the only ones who can lead double lives, I guess I mean to say. So where are we? I’m not really sure. When I confronted her with my suspicions, her lies would have fooled the FBI I think. But when confronted with iron clad evidence 10 days later she caved but it took about a month to get the “complete” story – FROM THE OTHER GUY!!! I scared the living shit out of him so he coughed up all the details. He’s married and in the military so I’ve got him scared that I will ruin both (I can). I’m done with the marriage but have two teenage sons, we’ve been married 15 years so I’m hanging on the best I can to see where this leads. At this point, she’s 100% committed to fixing things. Also, I had two one night stands a couple of years ago that I confessed to the day after I confronter her on her affair so I’m willing to rebuild clean. But up until last week, she was still lying. The “big” lie she held onto was she had previously told me the sex and physical part of the affair ended about a month before I got home. From the other guy (which she immediately admitted to) was that the sex ended 10 weeks after I got home and only ended because I found out about the affair. While I was gone, they were at my house A LOT with my boys, having sex in MY house, sleeping in MY bed WHILE my boys were here, etc. Ugg…

Anyhow, two questions from the audience…

1. Do I tell his wife? I have their phone number and know where they live. Our marriage counselor and my wife say no but part of me wants to. Is it revengeful or rational?

2. Where do I go from here? We’re in counseling and I wanted this to work 100% until I found out about the latest lie (the actual ending of the affair) and the fact she had lied so well in counseling and to me about that fact and the fact that I only found out from him and would NEVER have found out had I not called him?

As for her commitment level, I demanded she close facebook, both her email accounts and change her cell number. She agreed immediately to all demands. I think she’s “all in” in poker terms as far as I can tell. How do I REALLY know?


Comment by burned bad
2010-12-09 21:32:07

I think u should tell the wife! I am not military, but I have been dating this military guy on and off for about 5yrs, I was so in-love with him and believed he loved me back, he even said he wanted to marry me, then he got stationed in another state and said he wanted me to come there to be with him, at first I was hesitant but eventually started making plans to go there..I dont think he believed I would actually come because I almost gave up everything only to find out the bastard was already married and his wife was already there with him…I was devastated, I was sooooo broken, but got up the nerve and told his wife everything, she started to cry, but thanked me. we even became friends without him knowing in hopes to set him up and catch him in the act..(evidence for her)..because he denies ever cheating on her, but in your case I would say force your wife to go with you and make her be the one to tell the other woman, make her look her in the eye and confess everything even the real reason it ended, that will teach them both, why should u do her dirty work!

Comment by Z
2011-01-12 23:11:38

you are not a piece of trash. you know it is wrong. youd be apiece of trash if you knew it was wrong but continued. and my assumptions are you dont. keep your head up.

Comment by Z
2011-01-12 23:16:54

i think you meant shut the fuck up you judgemental immature buttlickers. Its all about maturity you dumbasses. not about age. its about who you are and what you stand for, sorry but that doesnt change with or without age. if your a fuck your a fuck if your a saint your a saint. its the fucks that try to be saints that fuck up. and btw you choose if your a fuck or a saint. your actions defy you. and karma will take care.

Comment by Z
2011-01-12 23:33:02


Comment by tara sharpe
2011-04-30 07:26:37

SCREW YOU!!! You have no idea what the hell is going on when they’re deployed!! I’ve been on both sides…i’m in the military and have deployed and so is my husband who happens to be in Afghanistan right now. And according to you, he is out and about screwing some chic!!! Talk about stereotyping…wow, way to support you’re military!! And FYI 99% of military men do not cheat, they’re usually the victims, i’ve seen it all too much. The soldier deploys and the spouse who doesn’t have enough self-control and are way too selfish go have affairs and the soldier comes home and finds their lives in shatters and struggles to get a divorce which is often very hard because the military tends to be lenient towards women and sympathize towards them because the man is leaving but we all know who’s to blame. So maybe next time before you put out a ridiculous post such as this, you can get your facts straight. Do a little research or as a matter of fact join the military so you can experience what goes on first hand. On 2nd thought scratch the last advice, we don’t need people like you in the military…just sayin.

Comment by tara sharpe
2011-04-30 07:37:21

I wish I could agree with you but I’ve seen way too many spouses do exactly what they are saying and it just kills me. I can see why they say this. You and the other women that have enough self control to stay faithful are really good people but the sad truth is you (we) are diamonds in the rough. I have two ex friends who were cheating on their husbands and i did all i could to guilt them out of it but it just didn’t work. Maybe if they knew what was going on overseas, they would stop trying to justify their unfaithfulness and stop being so damn selfish. I really appreciate you’re love for your husband, it’s so rare nowadays. I have the upmost respect for you and i can relate, i never ever would even dream of cheating on my hubby who’s now deployed.

-I’m in the military and my husbands in the military

Comment by Miracle
2011-05-18 13:59:33

I hate whores…

Comment by John
2011-06-05 19:53:09

HELL YEAH, BRO! I hope she never recovers from having a good family broken up because she’s a complete whore.

I wish you the best and hope you find a good woman that can think of someone OTHER than her fucking self!

Comment by Null13
2011-08-30 08:16:28

I just want to say this is a horrible thing to do. I am a military wife, went through one deployment with my then boyfriend, now husband and we are facing our second one. It is bad that she is doing this, true. However it is a double edged sword and men do it too. Not 99% as the person stated previously. The truth is, there are true gentleman and nice guys in the military, and then there are douchebags that can’t keep it in their pants either…..it is humans that join the military. So when you look at the human race, you see the men, and then you see the ones striving to even be boys. You choose who you love, and in that….sometimes you accept that behavior. As far as what happened here about letting him, I must STRONGLY disagree with your actions. I am not condoning cheating, but for 2 reasons, 2 really BIG reasons….it was not a wise idea.
1. it was not your business, quit throwing stones when you yourself could a boulder cast on you….and that isn’t religion, because I am not religious really. But I do believe people have the tendency to judge others when they themselves are far worse or the same…..
and my main one….just in case you think someone else’s life is your business
2. You must not be military in any form….or you would KNOW that while someone is deployed, they are STRESSED they are SAD they are DEPRESSED. They miss their life, their sanity in the U.S. and they are in a highly stressful situation. You should not tell someone that when they are deployed. If ANYONE should, it would be who they are with. Because depending on who it is, you may cause someone to commit suicide, which is a real big problem the military faces. And NO it wouldn’t be the cheaters fault, solely. It would be you both. You decided to tell a military guy that his girl that he loves is cheating when he has far too much stress anyways.

So before you go on a troll search and want to help someone try minding your own business, and not improvising someone’s safety for your own little thrill seeking drama. get a life.

I found this article, while searching on google for safety tips for spouses while husband is deployed.

Comment by T&g
2011-09-01 22:53:07

I’m sorry to hear you had a whore of a fiance but I can tell you not all girlfriends, wives and fiances are the same way. I’m an army wife and have never or will ever cheat. I have to much respect for my husband to do that to him. You haven’t found a good girl that actually understands that theres more to a relationship than getting laid. Good luck in your next relationship if you decide to try again.

Comment by Sammy
2011-09-13 12:33:20

I’m a military wife and a mother of 1 and my husband has left on 2 separate occasions and both times cheated the last time I decided it was time for divorce. It wasnt with any civilians it’s with female soldiers and I couldn’t even get them for adultery because the army makes it impossible to prove even if it’s on paper that they clearly did the act. If the army wanted you to have a family they would’ve issused you one.

Comment by you are making excuses
2011-09-21 07:00:34

When I was in Iraq the male to female ratio was about 40 to 1. I wasn’t in kuwait or qatar where the female ratio was better. The majority of male soldiers in Iraq do NOT have the opportunity for an affair, even if they wanted to have one. With one female to forty males, the female has the pick of the litter, I.E. , if the males were not a mid to high ranking officer, or a chippendale model, they are not considered for sex by one of the few available women. It just sounds like you are trying to justify your own desires and behavior. And yes, I only met five female soldiers who were faithful to their boyfriends and husbands while they deployed.

Comment by emir
2011-12-09 08:11:19

how can a soldier cheat in iraq? this is more than funny.

Comment by emir
2011-12-09 08:17:00

well i am sorry for your husband and for you. i did not know american soldiers have this kind of problems. we must stop the war that destroys the lives of you and ours.

Comment by john doe
2012-02-01 14:31:08

this is in response to jane doe. You know I was married for 5.5 years. Let me tell you my little story. I never not once cheated yes the thought crossed my mind and in God’s eyes I already did cheat but the fact of the matter is I did not engage in any sexual act outside my marriage. This fucking bitch cheated on me with 6 different guys in less than a fucking year. She put our bank account which was at $7000.00 to -$1000.00 and bought a 2005 Ford Taurus in 2010 with over 50,000 miles on it marked at $15,000.00 on the lot… To top it off 24.9% APR had no fucking clue what APR even stood for mind you… This fucking bitch when I fucking tried to leave her attempted suicide and put herself in ICU when I got to ICU she told me if I left her she would kill herself. So at this point do not even fucking judge military men off something that may have happened to you FUCK YOU you grimy ass bitch. O and btw this bitch drove MY CAR that is in ME and MY mothers name back to Bama from New York which is a LEASED CAR and drives it 45 minutes back and forth to work everyday… I told her I would give her all the money from taxes so she could get a new car and give the one she has to me so I could sell the one I have and lower my car bills and insurance about $400-$500 dollars which would make it around $350-$400 a month vs $800-$900 a month and she had the audacity to tell me that I was selfish? BITCHES ARE FUCKING WACKED AND RETARDED. So back the fuck off the military GOT IT BITCH?

2012-02-07 02:38:08

[…] I’m Cheating On My Husband With My Best Friend While My Husband Is Deployed In Iraq… *CAUGHT!* – I’m Cheating On My Husband With My Best Friend While My Husband Is Deployed … Go through […]

Comment by jim
2012-04-02 06:38:21

My military ex wife was a slut. Glad shes a ex.

Comment by Francis
2012-05-15 11:14:20

You are dumb.

Comment by Rhandzu
2012-07-04 05:44:40

Cheating is just wrong I think it starts with an individual and about respecting your body

Comment by Jesse
2012-07-13 08:24:42

Lol, what chicks? Women are outnumbered 10 to 1. If you are right, that means each woman is fucked by atleast 10 men while deployed. you are a retard and are only going to encourage spouses to cheat.

Comment by hrtbrkn
2012-09-26 12:40:36

Ha My wife is nav and when she got deployed she got turned out so bad that she couldnt stop. it was a fekin nightmare to know that me and our 2 yr old son are asleep while mommy is downstairs gettin nailed by three different guys from her ship. different strokes for different folks

Comment by hardy
2012-11-20 11:53:27

I know a lot of couples that had sex with other people and are still happily married after retiring from the military! Sex is a physical need that each and everyone needs. I love reading about women explaining to others how to ruin a persons career! What does that do for anyone? Now all you have is someone unemployed that can’t pay child support! Spent 20 years in the military and must say that couples that treated sex as sex were better off!

Comment by soldier11b
2013-02-25 14:43:35

you are an ignorant idiot. i deployed and never cheated or saw ANYONE ELSE in my company cheat on their wife. more like a .99% chance

Comment by nottme8786
2014-05-29 09:29:51

99.9 percent of military men cheat. your so damn delusional. not even remotely true. your just one of the few scorned ones. possibly one of the few that sat around and enjoyed up hubby’s paycheck and was kicked to the curbs. Dependapotamus we would call them. i knew of a few infidelities by a few soldiers but 95 percent was by military dependents. so get a life woman.


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