Why Do Women Want To Be Married So Quick?Everything seems to move so much faster in today’s relationships than it did decades prior. Teens are experimenting with sex earlier, couples are living together much earlier, and women seem to be rushing into marriage more and more. Divorce is so common nowadays we’re finding it more and more acceptable for someone to be on their second or third marriage as they creep into their 30’s and 40’s. So why are women rushing into marriage so quickly? Could it be that they’ve been sold on rings and fancy dresses? Could it be that they’ve been watching too much of The Kardashians.

It’s The Next Logical Step

Momentum is a crazy thing. As the years tick by, often one half of the couple starts to wonder where this is leading. As a result, many marriages happen simply because it was seen as the next logical step in the relationship.

For women, who maintain a comfortable long-term relationship in their 20s, the next logical step is to get hitched, mainly because they find it convenient. Madison, a 29 year-old accountant from New Jersey admitted to marrying even though she didn’t feel ‘crazy love’, because was ‘content and secure instead’, Huffington Post quoted her as telling.

Many times it is a previous relationship, which leaves a woman heartbroken and propels them to marry ‘Mr Wrong’. They say you never really get over your first love.
“I didn”t think I would ever fall in love again so I figured it didn’t matter who I married,” said Tara, a 26 year-old freelance writer from North Carolina.

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It's Not You, It's Me.  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Breakup Stories“It’s Not You.. It’s Me..” Something everyone has heard at one point or another, whether it was said to them or overheard.

Breaking up is hard to do, or at least that’s what someone once said. When a marriage or serious relationship with a significant other ends it can affect your health, affect your outlook on people, and make you downright bitter.

Sometimes there’s a comedic silver lining to the breakup. Below are a few stories that have been sent in of some of the funniest breakups. If they can’t find joy in their misery, maybe you can.

I had a boyfriend all throughout high school. He was so respectful and totally understood that I wasn’t ready to do anything past a casual make out. He never pressured me for anything physical. He was in theater with me, really funny, and generally dressed well. I thought I’d hit the jackpot.

We went to separate colleges and mine started a week before his. The first week I told my new roommates I had a boyfriend and it would be long distance for a little bit. They thought it was so romantic that we were staying together.
The day his parents dropped him off at school, he called. I was ready to hear all about the move-in. Instead, he broke up with me! But it didn’t go how I thought it would.

“Thanks so much for all these years! I wouldn’t have made it through high school without you, seriously! I’m so glad we’re free to date other people now. I need your dorm address so I can send you some stuff of yours and some flowers I got you. I will never forget your kindness.”

“What? Why are you breaking up with me?” hysterical crying

“Haha, good one. I hope we both meet great guys. Bye!”

Then it hit me – he was gay! Everyone knew but me! I didn’t date again until nearly the end of college, and I made sure he wanted to sleep with me.

It’s like there’s a common thread here but I can’t put my cocain.. err.. finger on it.

I got dumped when I went to college and she stayed behind because she didn’t want to hurt me. Turns out she was banging her new found drug dealer.

Dated her again 2 years after college. I got dumped because she didn’t want to hurt me. Turns out she was banging her new found drug dealer.

This one is a classic and one of the better revenge stories related to relationships that I’ve heard of so far.

“I decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to go through with it, but since I’d caught her cheating last week I hadn’t thought to get reservations anywhere. Thanks to a friend, I managed to get a spot for us at a really nice restaurant by the lake (I live in Austin). I told my girlfriend that I’d come over to her apartment before we went out and make some drinks while she got ready.

I had already packed all of her stuff from my own apartment, including the expensive face cream she keeps (and yeah, I jerked off into it so she’ll be wearing my facial everyday for months). I put all of her crap in a travel bag and drove over to her apartment. I left the bag in the car and went in. She busted out some glasses and bottles of liquor for me to make drinks and then got in the shower. While she was in there, I grabbed the bag from my car and put it in her closet. I also hid a 3-pack of condoms in the bag but only left two rubbers in it. She’ll probably find them, think I left them accidentally and always wonder if I cheated on her– we lost our virginity to each other and never used condoms. She was still in the shower during this time and I grabbed her cellphone and deleted myself from it.

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Target - Pregnancy Fathers everywhere have an Achilles heel when it comes to their little girls. Every day, the good dads of the world are looking at cell phone records, monitoring online activity, and trying to find any indication that Daddy’s Little Girl may be headed down the wrong path. This, of course, is done for their daughter’s protection, as more and more teenagers become pregnant out of wedlock each year.

So, imagine the surprise when this dad found Target marketing pregnancy swag to his daughter:

What may be more of one is that Target’s department for Guest Marketing Analytics is so in tune with their consumers based on their spending, they can predict major changes in their lives.

They in fact do it so well, as the New York Times reports, that in one case they were able to predict a high school girl’s pregnancy before her father did.

Meeting with a Target manager while clutching some printed ads that had been delivered to his home, a customer was outraged by their product placement aimed at his young daughter.

‘My daughter got this in the mail!’ the man said to the manager according to the Times, showing him the store’s coupons advertising baby-related products.

‘She’s still in high school, and you’re sending her coupons for baby clothes and cribs? Are you trying to encourage her to get pregnant?’ the man asked the manager who responded with a baffled apology.

The manager himself didn’t know why the man’s daughter had received the items.

So how had she been pegged as a possible future consumer of these products?

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Do you keep secrets in your marriage?As honest as we may try to be, there will always be secrets that are held back from those we love due feeling that the secret would be hurtful to them, seemingly unnecessary for them to know, or because of plain old forgetfulness. But which secrets do you keep from your lover? Do you hide secrets from your Wife? Your Husband? At which point do you start to disclose the dirt in your life to the person close to you in a relationship or marriage?

When this question was posed to a few folks out there, some interesting responses came back:

Yes, because I told him a secret, and he told his friends. It wasn’t even my secret, which made me feel even more betrayed. He can’t keep secrets, so there’s no point telling him secrets. They’re called secrets for a reason, and believe me, when I say secrets, they are things so important or so horrible, that they’re worth keeping secret.

Yes.. At a company fundraiser last year, my wife headed back to our hotel room after she wasn’t feeling well. We’d been fighting that day about small things and after a few drinks I was feeling liberated. A coworker with a crush on me had sat at my table and we wandered off to look around. That night I cheated on my wife. My coworker was able to keep the secret as we were on friendly terms and so I kept the secret from my wife as well. I love her and I feel that because I got to see the “other side”, I’ve been a better husband to her because I went through the pain of thinking what it would be like if I lost her due to this secret.

It haunts me every night, but I will keep that secret to the death…

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Dancing with my girlfriend’s friend - cheating?What to do about that girl who always gets a little too friendly?


My girlfriend, her best friend and I went out to a club last night. Everything was OK until, for the one minute we separated and they both started dancing together, and I was just standing against the wall and watching. Her friend comes up to me and starts dancing (a little freak dancing) with me.

So long story short, we ended up getting into a huge fight about how she can’t believe I did that etc… But the thing is that this is her best friend and we have gone out before and she has sometimes asked me to dance with her so she won’t feel lonely etc.. My girlfriend got a little too drunk and we got into a huge fight.

Did I mess up? Or is she just looking for drama? How should I react?

Threesomes – One Too Many

Often the problem with threesomes in other contexts, this is pretty common in a club environment. Girls love dancing with girls because they’re good company, there’s always room for innocent flirtation, and it also keeps other men at bay. However, often a girlfriend will be attracted to her friend’s man because he’s forbidden fruit or because she’s jealous of what you two have. Or of course, she could just be a bit slutty and considers you as having been screened well enough for her to safely get her tramp on.

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